How Orson Works

Story as a Service

(The New SAAS)

The magic in unscripted TV is the ability to make people fall in love with complete strangers in just minutes.

But it’s not magic... it's science.

The Power of

Orson’s StoryStrips™ leverage decades of experience in film and TV to automate the directing and editing of real people’s unscripted stories into compelling videos, complete with graphics, music, and branding, resulting in an infinite number of unique episodes that engage and connect with audiences.

How Orson Works
With Our Partners

Orson’s story science team creates customized User Generated Series tailored to our partners’ needs, generating powerful unscripted episodes for their users while adding authentic brand value and potential revenue streams. Orson can be easily integrated through a lightweight integration or deep integration via our API, allowing for seamless user participation with branded and advertising opportunities.

How Does Orson Work For Your Customers?

Simple. They just talk.

The AI Director Directs

Our built-in AI director interviews your users with thoughtful questions

The Magic (and Science) Begins!

Orson’s automation selects music and visuals that sync with the story at the right moments for a beautifully crafted video that connects with the audience in a meaningful, deeper way. Zero editing required.

Users Answer

Directors help pull the best story elements out of your users and empower them to do as many takes as they want.