Use Cases

Mining the value of human connection.

Orson cracks the code.

Story-driven content has always been
the most powerful to consume and the most difficult to create…
until now.

Consumer Audiences

Life Documentation

Provide your customers with unforgettable ways to document the lives of their loved ones, from children to grandparents, for eternity.

Dating & Relationships

Finding love is hard. Growing and deepening your relationship is even harder. Orson helps people connect in deep and meaningful ways to find their love and strengthen their relationships.


From primary schools to universities, meeting new classmates and teachers can be an anxiety-filled experience. Orson helps students and teachers connect deeper and faster, fostering better learning environments.


Whether it’s a youth club or an adult team sport, developing strong bonds with teammates and coaches is crucial for both enjoyment and performance.


Let fans be part of the shows they love. Create “Home Edition” extensions of your IP that fans can be part of.

Business Audiences

Employee Experience

Say goodbye to anonymous colleagues.

Say hello to a team that understands and values one another.

Business Communications

Communication is key to business success, and storytelling is a powerful tool to make your message resonate. Orson helps teams communicate more effectively by harnessing the power of story.


StoryStrips can help creators at all levels elevate and make compelling and entertaining story-driven content quickly.


In today’s crowded advertising market, it’s more important than ever to make your brand stand out. With Orson, advertisers can create campaigns that allow their brands to become a part of their customers’ stories.


Connecting with potential customers is key to driving sales, but it’s not always easy to make that connection. With Orson, salespeople can create content that resonates with their target audience, enabling them to connect on a deeper level and build trust.