Leading Hollywood Unscripted TV Producer Launches Orson’s StoryShop To Fully Automate Video Storytelling

July 27, 2023

The story-as-a-service company created the tool to automate video creation with the help of virtual directors. With the launch of StoryShop, Orson’s revolutionary technology is now available to help businesses and individuals form deep human connections through unscripted stories of meaningful moments.

WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA, JULY 27—Orson, a story-as-a-service startup integrating directly with B2B and consumer services, has officially launched StoryShop.ai. Orson is using AI to incorporate decades of experience producing unscripted TV into an automated director that conducts interviews, crafts stories, and automatically edits them together with music, imagery, and graphics to create compelling episodes that help individuals tell their stories, and helps platforms and businesses engage with their target audience. 

With decades of experience producing unscripted TV, Orson has developed an automated director that handles every aspect of unscripted video production, from conducting interviews to crafting engaging narratives, while its innovative StoryStrip™ technology automates the editing and scoring process. StoryShop revolutionizes how people tell their stories and helps build meaningful connections in today’s digital age.

Until the launch of StoryShop, crafting authentic, unscripted stories into captivating videos has typically required the expertise of producers, directors, and editors. This is where Orson’s technology comes into play, gathering market insights and training data directly with end users of the markets they are developing for their partners. Unscripted TV producers capture the hearts of viewers by making them fall in love with complete strangers within minutes. The team at Orson refers to that skill as the science of storytelling, and the ability to integrate that story science into a simple-to-use, automated service makes Orson revolutionary. Now anyone can share their stories and create the profound human connection craved by all.

“With the launch of StoryShop, Orson is poised to revolutionize user generated content, helping people capture and share their stories in compelling ways, while simultaneously helping brands be part of their customers’ stories, instead of just interrupting them,” said Orson Founder and CEO John Ehrhard. “Throughout history, humans have shared their stories to connect, relate, inspire, and build a strong sense of community. Despite all the technology we have to connect us, most people struggle to build meaningful connections because our ability to tell our stories and be our best authentic selves has atrophied. Orson’s fully automated unscripted storytelling technology fixes that.”

Orson’s StoryShop offers StoryStrips™ that create videos tailored to various users and purposes. For example, Life Story is designed to help families discover and preserve their loved ones’ memories, stories, and legacy, creating an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations. Other StoryStrips™ enable individuals and teams to create episodes that allow people to introduce themselves, learn about others, and deepen connections and relationships.

“Orson democratizes video storytelling. It gives each person the power of an experienced director, editor, and producer to help tell their story and connect with their friends, family, and social groups,” explained Eli Weinstock-Herman, Orson’s CTO and technical co-founder. “There are a lot of great tools to lower the bar for video editing, but Orson lowers the bar for unscripted video storytelling.”

To cater to diverse needs, additional StoryStrips™ will be regularly released on StoryShop, including Love Story, which is coming soon. Love Story provides recently engaged couples a platform to share their joyous news with the world and take friends and family on the journey that led to their engagement. 


Orson is the first platform created to enhance human connection by sharing one’s authentic self through automated video storytelling. Founded in 2020, Orson was developed by unscripted TV experts with more than two decades of experience documenting over 50,000 hours of real people’s stories. Using virtual directors and its StoryStrip™ technology, Orson’s video storytelling process is fully automated and scalable, allowing for powerful narratives and story-driven video to be created through interviews with people. Orson’s Story-as-a-Service was designed to integrate with partner platforms and communities to create product extensions and new revenue streams that increase user engagement and create deeper human connections.